CATEGORY: Group 001

Teachers: Create Amazing Interactive Online Content Easily with Office Mix!

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Would you like to be able to create and curate distance learning or flipped classroom content for your students, but can’t quite afford or figure out those expensive tools? Join David Lopez as he shows how easy it is for PowerPoint 2013 users to learn how to use Office Mix, a free plug-in for PowerPoint 2013 that brings rapid e-learning development and hosting right to you. Additionally, he will cover how you can use it to quickly embed curriculum-based interactive activities and videos from content developers, such as PHET Interactive, CK-12, Khan Academy, Geogebra, and more. Finally, this session will end with a bang as David walks you through how to add quizzes to assess student progress, deliver the content, and analyze the resulting data through the free web portal.

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