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Accredited Programs & Professional Learning Pathways

Our accredited programs are designed so that you can create learning pathways for each country, region, school, department or organization. Pathways can be designed for roles, career tracks, teaching a specific curriculum, subject, grade level, or set of standards, and more.

Each organization can select courses from our extensive course catalog, or use our templates to build your own courses, align the content to standards, and access resources provided by some of the best content providers available for each subject or curriculum area.

  • Teacher Certifications
  • Online & Hybrid Teaching Endorsements and Credentials
  • Early Childhood Teacher Credentials
  • STEM Teacher Specialty Credentials (Where Available, INDUSTRY CREDENTIAL EXAM PREP Included)
  • Micro Credentials Targeted Towards Student Exam Preparation – Learn how to prepare students for SAT/ACT/AP/EOC and other standardized testing.
  • English Language Credentialing & Testing
  • College Credit Courses Through Partner Universities & Colleges
  • Workforce Licensure Courses & Exams
K-12 Curriculum & Services For Classrooms
  • K-12 Curriculum
  • Accredited Online Courses
  • Partner Online School Credentials, Programs and Services
  • Accreditation Support Services for your programs and schools
  • Board Training
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • College Admissions Services - Quality Assurance Portfolio Assessment

DCCAP – Direct Certification College Admissions Program is a quality assurance portfolio program connecting international students with colleges and universities around the globe. GlobalED has partnered with multiple organizations, networks, and institutions to offer a Quality Assurance Portfolio Assessment Program connecting our international students to University and College Campuses through International Direct, Accelerator Programs, Digital Learning and Certificate Programs.

Click here to learn more about DCCAP.

Programs and Services

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