Global Credentials & Professional Learning

Independant professional who works remotely to help with your business.

Empowering the upskilling & mobility of the workforce through portable, globally recognized credentials.

GlobalED Foundation Sets The Standard For Training Today’s Workforce. Combining Global Credentialing, Professional Training, And Blockchain Secure Technologies, Our GlobalED Comprehensive Digital Records Add Value & Integrity For Lifelong Learners.

GlobalED Foundation Works With Professional Education Frameworks & Protocols To Align Global, Regional And Local Standards. We Provide Learners With Credentials and Certification Pathways In Cooperation With And Approved By Ministries of Education & Technology, Accreditors, Schools, Districts, Private and Corporate Education Organizations.

  • Issuing Verified Credentials

  • Learners Manage Their Own Credentials And Profiles 

  • Global Partnerships With Curriculum & Technology Providers To Increase Value For Learners Using GlobalEd Trusted Verified Credentials

  • Mix And Match With Stackable Credentials

  • Comprehensive Professional Learner Records

  • Join Live Events In Our Meet The Expert Series!

Impacting The Future Of Learning!

We certify that professional development and training, micro- and macro-credentials, certifications and credentials meet Global Education Standards. We provide access to the best partner content available aligned to standards, benchmarks and protocols.

  • Personalize Your Learning, Earn Valuable Credentials, And Build Your Professional Capacity
  • On-Demand Professional Learning For Schools Designed With Over 1000 courses To Meet The Needs Of All Educators

Connect With The Experts

Live events, mentors and collaboration is included with on-demand learning programs. We encourage each learner to participate in webinars, synchronous learning opportunities, and to join us for our “Meet the Expert” series featuring leaders in education, teaching, and technology. Opt into professional presentations, webinars, blogs, mentoring, and collaborative projects with our expert panel and guest speakers.