CATEGORY: Group 001

Lesson Planning Made Simple

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Would you like an easy, visual way to build lessons that include almost any type of content and that let you track your students” progress as they work? Join Jayme Linton as she introduces you to Symbaloo’s new Lesson Plan Builder, a free tool designed with the same visual simplicity as the Symbaloo webmix tool that lets you organize your favorite websites. Jayme will show how you can build a lesson to include virtually any type of content – websites, videos, text, games, and quizzes. She will also cover how you can use it to track your students” progress as they work through lessons at their own pace, and provide targeted intervention based on real-time results. In addition to sharing strategies for using the Lesson Plan Builder, Jayme will demonstrate how to use it to build your own lesson.

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