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Chromebook Implementation: Tips and Procedures

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Course Overview

Have you been thinking about implementing Chromebooks in your school or district? Are you unsure of how to begin, what you will need, and what the potential pitfalls might be? In this webinar, join Chris Casal as he shares suggestions, tips, and procedures for helping to ensure a smooth rollout of Chromebooks in the classroom. Chris will outline an overall plan and discuss the logistics for getting Chromebooks into the hands of teachers or students, providing recommendations to help ensure that things go smoothly and warnings of possible pitfalls to be avoided. In addition, he will discuss a timeline for training, as well as what might be needed for technical support, with an eye toward the future and scalability. If you are considering an investment in Chromebooks in your school or district, this webinar will provide an inside view on how to approach the task head-on.

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