Array – iGEDT

This program provides an online pathway to a globally recognized credential for educators already working in education, and for those who want to bring their industry knowledge to the teaching profession. Each program is comprised of 6 required modules and a localized module of study.

Each module provides courses aligned to standards which may be completed at your own pace. Regular meetings with your assigned mentor and academic coach provide support and progress monitoring for you throughout the program. Collaborate with peers, demonstrate new skills, and earn new credentials to support your professional development. This program may take six (6) to twelve (12) months to complete.

Note as with all teaching credentials, acceptance may be dependent upon meeting additional local or organizational requirements at the time of issuance. Successful completers will receive all data validating their credentials in a personal blockchain secured digital wallet.

$3,899.00 / year

>> Earn A Professionally Recognized Global Credential For Teaching In Public, Private, And Corporate Schools (*Must Have Earned Baccalaureate Degree To Begin Program)
>> Participate In A Global Cohort & Program Of Study
>> Credential Programs Approved By Global School Accreditors
>> Work With A Mentor On A Prescribed Program Of Study, Including Elective Modules Personalized To Meet Each Teacher’s Needs
>> Includes Access To Annual Subscription Membership Benefits, Thousands Of Online Courses And Live Events
>> Blockchain Credentials To Ensure Security Of Your Data And Portability Of Verified Globally Recognized Education Credentials