Workforce Learning


Workforce Learning is an innovative learning solution, delivering a robust catalog of career-focused digital courses.

All courses follow an instructional framework that is designed to:
> Prepare learners for industry certification exams
> Engage in career exploration
> Explore new and emerging technologies


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Architecture and Construction:
> Architectural Design I
> Architectural Design II
> Building Maintenance Technology I
> Building Maintenance Technology II
> Construction: Fundamentals and Careers
> LEED Green Associate
> Principles of Architecture

Arts, A/V Tech & Communication:
> Adobe Illustrator
> Adobe InDesign
> Adobe Photoshop

Business Management & Administration:
> Entrepreneurship and Small Business
> Startups and Innovation

> Career Exploration in Finance
> Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
> Personal Finance

Education & Training:
> Early Childhood Education I
> Early Childhood Education II
> Introduction to Education and Teaching

Health Science:
> Career Exploration in Dentistry
> Career Exploration in Healthcare

Information Technology:
> Cloud Technologies and the Internet of Things
> Cybersecurity
> Fundamentals to Blockchain and Cryptography
> Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
> Java SE 8 Associate
> Project Management

> Aeronautics and Space Travel
> Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
> Robotics: Applications and Careers
> The History of Gaming and Esports
> Wearable Technology Innovations

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics:
> Drones: Remote Pilot
> Smart Cities: Technology and Applications
> Transportation Technologies