Ukraine – GlobalED English Language Learning (ELL) Single Level Program of Study

This single module program of study is recommended for English learners who may only need to complete a single CEFR level towards a certification program, or others who want to study for one level at a time. Each level takes approximately 40 hours of study time to complete.

GlobalED certifies that these courses are fully aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), so all learners develop English skills every step of the way. In order to move from one CEFR level to the next, learners must successfully complete a series of mastery tests within each level. Once the learner has mastered all necessary language concepts for their CEFR level, neo will automatically open the appropriate Certification Test.

Successful completion at each level means learners will earn a Certificate and 4 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). Successful completers will receive all data validating their credentials in a personal blockchain-secured digital wallet.