CATEGORY: Group 001

ELL A1+ 001

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

In this plus level, a big focus is helping the learner give more and more detail about their lives—for example, telling when their job or school starts and what they do at what time during the day. They learn a great deal of vocabulary for schools and jobs. They begin to be able to describe locations and give directions. Time relations include slightly more complicated descriptions of an action’s frequency and duration. Learners are exposed to much more language for abilities. A big addition at this plus level is the emphasis on tying together more than one action by using clauses with sequence words (before, first, then), condition or time clauses (when, if) and cause-effect (because). They cannot yet talk directly or clearly about past or future events, although they may be able to use modals to indicate future—for example, ‘may’ or ‘can’, for events that will happen in the future.