CATEGORY: Group 001

Correct Posture and Health Awareness for Working with Mobile Learning Devices

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Course Overview

How many hours a day do you or your students spend on tablets, phones, or other mobile devices? Are you aware of the potential physical damage that can be caused as a result of poor posture and ergonomics when using these devices? According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children ages 8-18 spend an average of seven and a half hours per day using ”entertainment media.” Join Dr. Mark Roerick as he shares the importance of good posture and proper ergonomics – for both children and adults – when using mobile devices. He will explain how ”text neck” occurs due to increased use of mobile devices, and will show how this forward head posture can lead to muscle strain, disc herniations, pinched nerves, and even certain metabolic conditions. Dr. Mark will also share things that can be done to prevent or reduce the likelihood of this happening.

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