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Administrator Toolkit: Web Tools for Communication, Part 2

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Course Overview

As an administrator, you no doubt wear many hats and do many jobs. Because of this, having the right tool for the right job is critical – not only can it make your job easier, but the right tool can help you accomplish tasks faster and often better. Join Steven Anderson @web20classroom as he shares his favorite, must-have Web tools for administrators. In this second of a two-part series Steven will cover a number of communication tools that will assist you in communicating with parents, teachers, students, and other administrators. He will share how these tools not only make communication easier, but also allow you to reach a wider audience with less effort. You will walk away with a toolkit of sites and resources that will help you communicate and stay in touch with the audience you need to reach.
You will walk away from this webinar with:
A list of essential communication tools that help you easily communicate with parents, teachers, students, and other administrators.
Suggestions for using these sites and resources.
Tips that help you communicate with whatever audience you need to reach.

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